Song Chaos Rising • Performed by Crystal Viper & ElixirRecorded 2005 • Original version Chaos Risingby Cirith Ungol

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Two bands playing together. This track was AFAIK only ever released on this tribute album. The below information is the line-up for this song.


  • Paul Taylor – vocals
  • Phil Denton – guitars


Paul and Phil travelled to Poland for a few days on 27th April to meet their new manager Bart Gabriel and to guest on Crystal Viper’s cover version of the Elixir song “Treachery (Ride Like The Wind)”, and on the cover version of the Cirith Ungol song “Chaos Rising”.
The band spend most of the year working on their new studio album, ‘Mindcreeper’, taking time out only to appear at the Motala Metal Festival in Sweden on November 19th.

Elixir, 04 Nov 2007

Crystal Viper

  • Marta Kroczak-Gabriel – vocals
  • Pawel Szczubial – guitars
  • Adam Kowalczyk – guitars
  • Tomek Stanicki – bass
  • Mariusz Pawlowski – drums



[ 07.01.2007 ] W najnowszym numerze magazynu Heavy Metal Pages (do kupienia w sieci Empik) recenzja składanki “A Tribute To Cirith Ungol”. Dziękujemy Sławkowi Kamińskiemu za słowa uznania pod adresem Crystal Viper!

Crystal Viper, 25 May 2006


Two songs released in band’s early days: “Wild Child” (W.A.S.P. cover song) and “Chaos Rising” (Cirith Ungol cover song) were recorded in amateur conditions, together with friends from other bands (“Chaos Rising” was released under the name “Crystal Viper & Elixir”, as it has been recorded with 2 members of the legendary British act Elixir: Phil Denton on guitar and Paul Taylor as guest vocalist). In summer of 2006, after long searching, many auditions and rehearsal sessions, the first official line up got estabilished, and Crystal Viper turned from project into regular band, with: Marta Gabriel (vocals), Andy Wave (real name: Lukasz Halczuch, guitar), Golem (real name: Tomasz Danczak, drums) and Tommy Targosz (bass guitar). Until the end of 2006 over a dozen of demo and rehearsal materials got recorded, but all of them had unofficial and private character only.

Crystal Viper, 21 Feb 2016


Well, it’s a long story.
We planned to record two songs with Paul and Phil of ELIXIR and one of them was “Chaos Rising”. The guys came to Poland for few days and we recorded two songs together. Sadly, one of them just got lost in the studio by accident. And why did we choose this song? I think, it’s the best song by CIRITH UNGOL and it fits perfectly to CRYSTAL VIPER!

We heard a lot of good words from one of the musicians of CIRITH UNGOL. You know, it was great to hear, that he liked our version!

Marta “Leather Wych” Gabriel (Crystal Viper vocalist), Metal Maidens interview Jul 2008

Marta Gabriel is married to Bart Gabriel, a Polish metal promoter/manager/producer. He was the webmaster for the old official Cirith Ungol website, and he produced and compiled this record along with Sven the Axe from Solemnity Music and released One Foot In Fire.



Stormbringer on the cover of the CRYSTAL VIPER vinyl EP “At The Edge Of Time” (artwork by Andreas Marschall)… Title track inspired by the Elric saga! Female fronted traditional heavy metal

Cover artwork of the forthcoming CRYSTAL VIPER EP, “At The Edge Of Time”, painted by Andreas Marschall.
Lyrics of the title track are based on the Elric tales (about the relationship between Elric and Stormringer, to be exact), while the other song entitled “When Are You” was inspired by the story of Erekose and Ermizhad.

Bart Gabriel

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