Song Join the Legion • Performed by Battle RamRecorded 2003 • Original version Join the Legionby Cirith Ungol

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Daniele Di Loreto – vocals
David Natali – guitars
Gianluca Silvi – guitars
Mirko Santini – bass
Pierpaolo Sita – drums

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This track was originally released on the self-titled demo (2003), then as a CD bonus track for the One Foot in Fire tribute album. It is not on the One Foot in Fire vinyl.

    As you know we play lots of coversongs from the epic metal bands of
    the past as Medieval Steel, Omen, Fifth Angel we wanted to play a Cirth
    Ungol song too but we recorded it cause a guy called Leatherknight, the
    chief of the official CU fan club wanted to make a tribute album and
    asked us to play one song, I chose Join The legion cause is one of my
    favourite but also cause the lyrics are so.. true and is great to play it live !!
    We knew that the vocals of Tim Baker are impossible to imitate but Daniele
    made his best; we also wanted to pay the tribute to one of the greatest
    bands of the music history.

    Gianluca Silvi (guitarist), Metal Domination interview, Apr 2003

    Additional liner notes are to be found in the bookletย for the One Foot In Fire tribute album.

    11 / 100
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