Song Chaos Rising • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded 1991 • Original date 1987

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The doomed one s fallen armies sound the tolling of the bell,
While sin and death stand silent guard outpage the Gates of Hell.
He slowly spreads his leather wings and soars above the land,
He strokes his pointed beard and casts an evil eye toward man.

Unchains the dogs of chaos to complete his evil chore
To make the cringing herd of man his thralls by right of war.
They gorge on fatal fruit, taste of dust and bitter ash,
While fire burns in Heaven and immortal forces clash.

The smell of burning brimstone – lightning flung from golden hands.
To rule without a master is the only dream of man.
As they swap our souls among them and prepare the final feast,
Begin the war eternal – cast apage both God and Beast.

Moving toward the evil song that fate will sadly sing,
How the pride of man has fallen, crowning lust their only king.
Heaven screams in anguish and the world cries out in pain,
Unleash the final terror – man begins his now doomed reign.

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The Chaos Trilogy

  1. Prologue: Paradise Lost… / Chaos Rising / The Grapple For Power.
  2. The Bright Empire: Fallen Idols
  3. Epilogue: These Things Too Shall Come To Pass… Paradise Lost.

This and the following two songs, are sometimes referred to as “Timโ€™s heroic trilogy” (Rob Garven), “The Paradise Lost Trilogy”, “Tim Baker’s trilogy” or “The Chaos trilogy”, as they were written by Baker, and are the most epic songs on the album. These three songs are also the bands favorite on the album. Written by Tim Baker already in 1987. the first verse is sung by Robert L. Warrenburg. Jim Barraza’s favourite song on the album.


The Chaos Trilogy is some of the best stuff CU has done, I think, but itโ€™s also a little bit more generic, Iron Maiden-ish sounding.

Greg Lindstrom, Blood of the Ancients, 11/2002

A fan made video

The album was finally officially re-released by Noble Rot in 2007, probably (according to Rob, but they earned no money from it), and Metal Blade with bonuses on 2017.

Rob: Now we are getting to the meat of the album! The trilogy is the epic main course of this album and I think they are the best this album has to offer and they stand head and shoulders with the best of our other work. Bob sang on the intro which gives it a different flavor. Some amazing guitar work by Jimmy, fantastic vocals as always by Tim, and the faster parts let me show off some double bass drum parts! I really think Bob played some outstanding bass parts on this song as with the other two! And of course, Chaos โ€œISโ€ rising!

Tales of a โ€œParadise Lostโ€ โ€“ the 30th anniversary

Chaos Rising (Album version)

From releaseย Paradise Lostย (1991).

Chaos Rising (from ‘Paradise Lost’ practice tape 1987)

From released Servant of Chaos (2001).

These next five songs were off our practice tapes for ‘Paradise Lost’. The only time we ever had a lawyer was on this album and we unknowingly signed away the rights to the album forever to Restless Records! For some reason they will not release it or license it so this may be the closest many will get to hear it!

Robert Garven, liner notes

Chaos Rising (Alt Mix)

From re-released Paradise Lost (2017). Alternate mixes.

Chaos Rising (live)

Live 1991.

Live atย Live at Up the Hammers Festival, Sat 27 May 2017



22 / 100
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Paradise Lost

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