Song Go It Alone • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded 1991 • Original version Go It Aloneby Train Wreck BloozeOriginal date 1984

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Don t need a crystal ball to show me where I m going,
cause I m making it right, making it right, right this time.
Ever since you left me all I want is you,
But I m making it fine, making it fine, draw the line.

I was born with a six string in my hand,
1’ll follow the dream to the end.
And I’ll go it alone.

Seems without me you re just searching you keep hoping.
You are standing in line, standing in line, burning time.
never believed that Id be back on the streets,
So I’ll follow the dream, follow the dream, yeah tonight.

I was born with a six string in my hand,
I’ll follow the dream to the end.
And I’ll go it alone.

Don t need a crystal ball to show me where I’m going,
cause I’m making it right, making it right, right this time.
With or without you, I’ve got to live this dream,
Cause its once in a life, once in a life, my lifetime.

I was born with a six string in my hand,
I’ll follow the dream to the end.
And I’ll go it alone.

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A cover of Train Wreck Blooze, then written by Scott Campbell, Jimmy Barraza and Kurt “The Crusher” Grothe in 1985. Covered by Ventura The Band from 1989, Cirith Ungol from 1991, and recently live by Dexter Ward.

Music: Scott Campbell

LyricsScott Campbell, Barraza, Grothe, lyrics re-written by Tim Baker

“GO IT ALONE”…. was written during PROPHECY rehersals at Outlook Ventura,Ca…in late 86′ or early 87′ as i remember. Jimmy [Barraza] was a young energetic guitarist full of great riffs…when he first played the opening riff for “GO IT ALONE” stood out right away…we knew it was very commercial sounding.. especially for a PROPHECY song…but we liked it alot!….KURT and JIMMY worked out the verse with “PUNKY” skilfully rounding out the arrangement..I recorded it onto an old tascam 4 track…took it home with me…next day at rehersal the song was complete….!

TIM BAKER told me they would like to record “GO IT ALONE”…of course i was thrilled…to have ANY part in an UNGOL album!!!..TIM changing a few lyrics to suit his taste….worked his magic!….

“GO IT ALONE”….has gone on to become ,in my opinion, perhaps the most controversial UNGOL song ever recorded….It seems you either love it..or hate it….many have blogged about it being too”commercial”….unfit for an ungol album….still others embracing it’s slightly new direction ,”nice change!”as one wrote ….I see both sides….Although i do feel “GO IT ALONE”….And the whole album.. would have had a completely different feel had it been produced by CIRITH UNGOL…and not ron goudie…

Scott Campbell, 08 Dec 2012


It’s for sure not Greg Lindstrom’s favourite CU song.

“Go It Alone” should be played 24 hours a day in Afghanistan until Bin Laden runs screaming from his cave with his ears bleeding, begging for mercy.

Greg Lindstrom, Guardians of Fate 3/02

Rob: This was a song Jimmy brought with him from his previous band “Prophecy”. This song would have been a better fit for any of the bands around LA at the time, but it did not really fit our style. (See my comments above about these three songs.)

Jim: There is a lot about this song that I could talk about, but I don’t want to bore you with trivial details. Basically, I worked out the rhythms back around 1984. I have early cassette recordings, sitting in my bedroom trying different chord progressions and this one stuck. For whatever reason, the initial motivation was that I had wanted to write a commercial, radio-friendly rock song. A similar version was recorded by a band I jammed with back in Missouri. Anyways, when I came to California in 1985/86, I eventually joined a local Ventura band called Prophecy. When we started to write new songs, I played the chord progression and the guys were like “yeah let’s see what we can do with it”, so we recorded a demo with no vocals. Scott Campbell takes the tape home and in a matter of 4 days max he gives me a tape back. He had named the song “Go it alone” and had dubbed his vocals using a 4-track cassette recorder.
It was done and nothing changed from that point on, although there are quite a few demo versions of it, they are all similar. Fast forward some years later, I guess needing one more song to fill the Paradise lost album, it was chosen. Our initial idea was to make it heavier than it was. We sort of did that, but it’s still a Bon Jovi/Van Halen type of radio rock/hair metal song. It is known as the worst Cirith Ungol song ever, which is pretty seriously un-cool. And ironic because it’s not even a Cirith Ungol song…

Tales of a “Paradise Lost” – the 30th anniversary

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Guido - Axevyper
Guido - Axevyper
13 years ago

Well, I have to disagree with Greg here. I love this song, surely it’s not a typical CU tune but damn, it rocks! The riff is great and I’ve always loved the lyrics.


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