Song Before the Lash • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded 1991

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In Hell s corrupt and sunken halls the rising shall begin,
The bane of man immortal – the parade of broken dead.
With greed our worldly master, so now pain will be our guide,
As the fallen ones await us all to welter by their page.

Iron dreams of human jackals and our final fate is cast –
To slave in endless fire as you cringe before the lash.
Blinded by the darkness, as you pray for his return.
But in your soul you fear he s just another one who’ll burn.

With greed our worldly master, now pain will be our guide,
As the fallen ones await us all to welter by their page.
Iron dreams of human jackals – our final fate is cast,
To slave in endless fire, as you cringe before the lash.

Does evil lie in waiting to extract his heavy toll.
Will bowing to the pulpit bring the cloven to their goal,
But if he s the work of mankind, and the beast our morbid dream,
This dying planet is our heaven, and our hell remains the same.

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Music: Cirith Ungol, Lyrics: Tim Baker

Jim: I never hear anyone talk about this song. It’s like it’s ignored, not well-liked, or labeled as a filler. When I joined the band, there was this song that was already in process. I believe it was already worked out by Jerry and Tim had the name and lyrics worked out for it. I remember him playing the main riff to this song the one time I went to practice with him. There must have been some crude recording already and I listened and learned from it and we just dove into it, finished the song by structuring and adding solos, etc. There may be some slight elements we changed in the chord structure. And the solo section was created last. It has some breaks we had to work out. Solos are pretty good in my opinion. I believe it’s the only song that Jerry had left any kind of starting point or remnants. Well, actually there is one other, “Chaos rising”.

Rob: This was a fascinating song that gets overlooked even by us, and perfectly fits the “Cirith Ungol” mold! I especially like the solo break portion, which gives me a chance to play some cool drum parts, and the CODA section which has Tim sharing some demonical laughter.

Tales of a “Paradise Lost” – the 30th anniversary

Before the Lash (Album version)

From release Paradise Lost (1991).

Before the Lash (from ‘Paradise Lost’ practice tape)

From released Servant of Chaos (2001).

The last selection that was on our 4th album. Jimmy did some amazing guitar work on all of these. Remember we did not have any of the fancy digital or even mini studio system around today. If we would have these would have been killer!

Robert Garven, liner notes

Before the Lash (Alt Mix)

From re-released Paradise Lost (2017). Alternate mix.

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Paradise Lost

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