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Song Fallen Idols • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded 1991 • Original date 1987

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Moving toward the evil song that fate will sadly sing.
How the pride of man has fallen, crowning lust their only king
Heaven screams in anguish and the world cries out in pain.
Unleash the final terror- man begins his now doomed reign.

False prophets spread their cursed rule across the poisoned land,
Why must we always choose to put our fate in reckless hands?
Fingers poised on Armageddon, dare they make the fatal move,
And send this dying planet hurling headlong to the tomb.

Broken leaders mark the twisted path that mankind chose.
Final judgement is upon us, vengeance rains its fearful blows.
So we hurl our prayers toward heaven, surely they will heed the call –
But soulless skies just echo with the screams of mankind s fall.

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The Chaos Trilogy

  1. Prologue: Paradise Lost… / Chaos Rising / The Grapple For Power.
  2. The Bright Empire: Fallen Idols.
  3. Epilogue: These Things Too Shall Come To Pass… Paradise Lost.

Written already in 1987. Music: Cirith Ungol, lyrics: Tim Baker.

Another band has named Fallen Idol (not the song Fallen Idols), tribute to Fallen Idol salutes Cirith Ungol โ€“ A tribute to the servants of chaos (2019).

Do you know Guy Dermul one of the people who has written Fallen Idols?

Rob: This probably could be called a ballad, and is an impressive song especially played live. It is powerful and I always enjoyed playing it. โ€œPart IIโ€ of Timโ€™s epic trilogy, which gives a methodical break between the two up tempo songs! Jimmyโ€™s tasty lead solo really stands out here! Also, the soaring guitar and ending on this song is epic!

Tales of a โ€œParadise Lostโ€ โ€“ the 30th anniversary

Fallen Idols (Album version)

From releaseย Paradise Lostย (1991).

Fallen Idols (Demo)

From released Servant of Chaos (2001).

This is from the same session as above. Once again this song stands head and shoulders above the version on ‘Paradise Lost’, as we had no artistic control on that album at all. The intro, ending and gnarly panned guitars were my idea!

Robert Garven, liner notes

Fallen Idols (from ‘Paradise Lost’ practice tape 1987)

From released Servant of Chaos (2001).

These tracks were done on a Teac 3340 4-track deck and originally had better lead and background vocals, which are missing now. To the best of my recollection we erased the vocals and recorded only Tim’s leads for practice for this album that could have been our best if we had not been screwed on the whole thing. I thought I had thrown them away when the band broke up in despair, they are presented here for your enjoyment. I know this is on this disc twice but I did not want to break up the original trio. This is the mighty Flint playing Bass and Jimmy playing the amazing leads.

Robert Garven, liner notes

Fallen Idols (live)

Live at Up the Hammers Festival, Sat 27 May 2017



John Milton

21 / 100
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Paradise Lost

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