Song Paradise Lost • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded 1991 • Original date 1987

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Underneath the new born sun,
Man and beast rejoice as one,
They cast apage their age-old kings,
Smash their chains and spread their wings.

Their seed corrupt, their lies undone.
The final fall – man s will be done.
They torch the sky and rape the land,
And plead for truth with blood-stained hands.

Mark their reign with greed and fear,
As justice calls to deafened ears,
Their twisted dreams bring forth the day.
A world of ash, and slow decay.

Underneath the blackened sun,
The final battle fought and won.
Mankind claims their just reward,
And chaos sounds the final chord.

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The Chaos Trilogy

  1. Prologue: Paradise Lost… / Chaos Rising / The Grapple For Power.
  2. The Bright Empire: Fallen Idols.
  3. Epilogue: These Things Too Shall Come To Pass… Paradise Lost.

Written already in 1987. This was unfortunately the last song on their last studio album in many years. Paradise lost! Music: Cirith Ungol, Lyrics: Tim Baker.


Extracts from some interviews:

Christian Wachter (Blood of the Ancients): Have you been inspired by the book John Milton`s “Paradise Lost” when you wrote the lyrics/music of this album? In which way has it impressed you and your personal thoughts? Is this title also to be seen as a metaphor for all those missed chances in the history of CIRITH UNGOL: I mean, you had the chance to get really big (the music spoke for itself…!), but the media never really cared about you…(a lost paradise = the failed – commercial – success)?

Robert Garven: Tim was the one that wrote the lyrics and conceived the concept of the “Paradise Lost” CD. It has been a long time since I read Milton’s epic, but I think that there is definitely a parallel there. I must tell you though the whole media thing is untrue. We had quite a bit of good press when the albums were released originally. There was a critic for the LA Herald, which really liked the band and gave us great reviews. There was also a critic for the LA Times that did several articles on the band and our local paper here in Ventura did a full-page expose on the group. In Europe the editor for Kerrang like the band and picked several of our LP’s in his top picks for the year. The only negative press I have read about Cirith Ungol was after the band broke up. There is some heavy metal encyclopedia, which says we were the worst heavy metal band of all time and that “Frost & Fire” was the worst heavy metal album of all time. I have also read several Internet reviews, which did not like our music. This does not bother me however as I really think the music speaks for itself.

Eternal Flame: Your last CD was called “Paradise Lost” … Have you read old Milton’s epic? The lyrics of the song are quite negative about the future (and nature) of man: “As justice calls to deafened ears, Their twisted dreams bring forth the day. A world of ash, and slow decay.” Comments?

Robert Garven: Yes, we all read Milton especially Tim, I think the band as a whole had a very negative view of mankind as a whole and the direction we are headed.  I feel that we are on the road to self-extinction and it will probably be a good thing for the Earth. I hope this isn’t so but I think it will be the case.


Rob: This song is still on our set list and is a massive tour de force! It has everything checked on the list for a “Cirith Ungol” song; screaming vocals, haunting melodies, pounding bass & drums, crazy rhythm changes, insane solo, powerful beginning and ending!! I especially like a part that was cut out of this original recording, there is even a picture of me with the 2” tape parts I loved draped over me. Because the way Ron wanted us to record the album, none of the other members were in the studio when each member were playing their parts and someone (not me) counted wrong, and there was not enough time for Tim’s singing, so this my favorite section, had to be cut out. It was the second bar of the heavy chugging after the solo, and live we used that part to really get into a heavy groove! Luckily, it has been added back to the song live!

Tales of a “Paradise Lost” – the 30th anniversary

Paradise Lost (Album version)

From release Paradise Lost (1991).

Paradise Lost (from ‘Paradise Lost’ practice tape 1987)

From released Servant of Chaos (2001).

There is one part on this song where we play two bars of some heavy chugging that was cut from the original album as the producer would not let any of the band members be present when the album was being recorded. This stupidity caused the removal of the best 20 seconds on the original song. It is 4 minutes 11 seconds into the song. Here it is, now in its complete and unabridged form!

Robert Garven, liner notes

Paradise Lost (Alt Mix)

From re-released Paradise Lost (2017). Alternate mixes.

Paradise Lost (live)

Live at Up the Hammers Festival, Sat 27 May 2017



John Milton

27 / 100
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Paradise Lost
John Milton
John Milton – Paradise Lost
John Milton – Paradise Lost

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