Song Hype Performance • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded Sep 1979 • Original date Sat 14 Jul 1979

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We definitely would have liked to put “Last Laugh” and “Hype Performance” on the album [Frost and Fire], but we basically just ran out of money to pay for recording time. Remember, we paid for everything on  “Frost And Fire” ourselves, from the recording time to the shrinkwrap.

Greg Lindstrom, interview by Patrick Lefevre

Hype Performance (Sept 79)

From released Servant of Chaos (2001).

This version is probably the same that originally appeared on the 1979 Demo.

(Sept 79) My favorite song that never got recorded in a real studio. We recorded several versions – this one has the most synthesizers! All the songs on this CD were recorded in our 10 x 14 practice room in Rob’s parents’ house on our trusty Dokorder 7140 4 track reel-to-reel and Teac Model 3 mixer.

Greg Lindstrom, liner notes

when Tim Baker, our head roadie at the time, tried singing lead on “Hype Performance”. That version is the first song on “Servants Of Chaos”.

Greg Lindstrom, interview by Iconic Heavy Rock/Doom Legends

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Servants Of Chaos

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