Artist Bart Gabriel Poland (PL) Birth ♌ Mon 15 Aug 1977 (46 years, 9 months, 12 days, 17087 total living days)

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Bart Gabriel or Bartosz Gabriel was the webmaster for the Cirith Ungol website ca. 2004-2009. He has also contributed with a lot of stuff for this website. Nowadays, he works as a booking agent.

He produced the One Foot in Fire tribute album. His wife Marta Kroczak-Gabriel is the lead vocalist in Crystal Viper, who covered Chaos Rising with Elixir for the Cirith Ungol tribute album. But there is no discography there, unfortunately. He mastered from original source tapes for Paradise Lost (1991/2016).

Cover artwork of the forthcoming CRYSTAL VIPER EP, “At The Edge Of Time“, painted by Andreas Marschall. Lyrics of the title track are based on the Elric tales (about the relationship between Elric and Stormringer, to be exact), while the other song entitled “When Are You” was inspired by the story of Erekose and Ermizhad. Crystal Vipers had The Soundhouse Tape (2005), just as The Soundhouse Tape (1979) from Iron Maiden. But now they have put it away.

Dragonight Agency International (short: Dragonight Agency or Dragonight) are from the year 2000 until the end. You can follow his current activities at Gabriel Management (2007), Skol Records (2009) and Dragon Productions (2022, not confused with previously Dragonight Agency).

Metal Invader: When and how did you start with Skol Records?

Bart Gabriel: Skol Records started in 2009, when I was releasing CD single of Crystal Viper. The single wasn’t in regular sale – it was a part of a board game, but we thought it will look cool if there will be some label name on the disc. I always been very much into Vikings and history of the Nordic lands, and I really liked the Faithful Breath album entitled “Skol”, so this is where the name comes from. I also always liked Michael Whelan’s artwork which landed on the cover of Cirith Ungol’s “King Of The Dead” LP, and Manilla Road’s Smiling Jack, so I wanted our logo to have this horned helmet. By the way: yes, I know that Vikings had no horns on their helmets. But actually, warriors of some of the pre-Viking tribes in the Nordic lands used to wear them, so that myth isn’t that far from the truth.

SkolRecords Bart Gabriel | Cirith Ungol Online

Skol Records (error now) / Bandcamp


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