Song What Does It Take • Performed by SolemnityRecorded 2005 • Original version What Does It Take - CIRITH UNGOLOriginally by Cirith Ungol

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This track was also released on the EP “Another Bloody Sabbath” (2006). This tribute album was released on the bands own label Solemnity Music. Line-up on this song:

  • Sven The Axe – vocals, keyboards, shaker
  • Ralf “Red Monk” Gromer – bass
  • Nosferatu Kuba – guitars
  • Stefan Huber – session-drums

  1. Hache De Guerre
  2. Mystification (MANILLA ROAD)
  3. Dreamtime
  4. What Does It Take (CIRITH UNGOL)
  5. Mephisto (live)
  6. Bloodbath (live)


I love Cirith Ungol for ages and YES, they are one of the most underrated bands of all times! Originally I wanted to choose something from “Paradise Lost”, but my favourites were already given to other bands so I decided to take the first song I ever really heard of the band. I still can remember the strange feelings that came up in me when I first listened to this demonic tune called “What does it take”. Couldn’t believe at this time that a band uses such a strange and sick sounding synthesizers which gave the song an almost diabolical aura. Though we have never used too much keyboards in the metalsounds in Solemnity in the past it was a true challenge and great experiment to transpose those 20 year old sounds into something that kicks ass in this new age of metal and that has a little the trademarks of Solemnity in it, too. I think its great!

Sven the Axe, liner notes


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