Song What Does It Take • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded Dec 1979

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I think I’m losing my innocence
I’m out to get what I can get
I’d put it down to experience
But I haven’t had any yet

What does it take to get to you? [2x]

Maybe it’s better him than me
A pretty picture but I don’t wanna see
With different faces and different names
They all seem different but they’re all the same

What does it take to get to you? [2x]

Look through me like I’m not there
You always act like you just don’t care
You always see what you wanted to see
Why don’t you take a better look at me?

What does it take to get to you? [6x]

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Written by Greg Lindstrom.

What Does It Take (Album version Dec 1979)

From release Frost And Fire (1981).

What Does It Take (Demo 1979)

From released Demo 1979 (2002).

What Does It Take (Demo – Unknown Date)

From re-released Frost And Fire (2021).

What Does It Take (40th Anniversary Remix – Goldmine Mix)

From re-released Frost And Fire (2021).

What Does It Take (Remaster From Original Tapes / 2021 Remaster)

From re-released Frost And Fire (2021).

20 / 100
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