Record Falcon • Band Falcon Format Album • Published Mon 24 May 2004



  1. Downer 04:25
  2. Castle Peak 07:02
  3. On The Slab (feat. Bobby Liebling from Pentagram, dedicated to Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy) 05:07
  4. The Crying Of Lot 246 03:46
  5. Throwback 04:35
  6. Redman (Band cover) 04:47
  7. High Speed Love (Cirith Ungol cover) 03:33
  8. Route 666 (Cirith Ungol cover) 03:34
  9. Shelob’s Lair (Cirith Ungol cover) 04:53
  10. Half Past Human (Cirith Ungol cover) 06:47

Liquid Flame Records

ID: 705
title: CD: (Liquid Flame Records; LF002b?) [2nd press]

Release label: Liquid Flame Records

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Doomed Planet Records

ID: 497
title: LP (Doomed Planet Records)

Release label: Doomed Planet Records
Format: Unreleased and Vinyl

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Mon 24 May 2004 Liquid Flames Records

ID: 498
title: CD: (Liquid Flames Records; LF002)

Release label: Liquid Flames Records
Release number: LF002
Release date: Mon 24 May 2004

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This album is dedicated to our fallen comrade Jerry Fogle. Rest in Peace, Brother!

Debut album by Falcon.

    Falcon’s debut album, and the first album Greg Lindstrom plays on since Frost and Fire (1981). That is, the first in 24 years! Here are some new songs and some re-recordings of unreleased Cirith Ungol songs that Greg wrote for Ungol in the 70’s.

    The original tracklist was a bit different

    Scheduling is underway for our album recording session. Tentative dates so far are November 22-26. Me and Greg will be flying out to Pennsylvania to rehearse with Darin a few days prior. Then we’ll be driving out to Maryland to record with Chris Kozlowski at the helm. Looks like we’re gonna record 10 songs. -Perry

    This is what the track list looks like so far:
    1. Shelob’s Lair (Lindstrom)
    2. Throwback (Grayson)
    3. Downer (Grayson)
    4. The Crying of Lot 246 (Grayson)
    5. High Speed Love (Lindstrom)
    6. Route 666 (Lindstrom)
    7. Castle Peak (Grayson)
    8. On the Slab (Grayson)
    9. Half Past Human (Lindstrom)
    10. Bonus: Bang’s “Redman” (Gilcken/Ferrara/D’Iorio)

    Perry 18 Sep 2003

    Nitzinger – Nitzinger (1972)

    1. L.A. Texas Boy 2:20
    2. Ticklelick 2:41
    3. No Sun 3:46
    4. Louisiana Cock Fight 3:33
    5. Boogie Queen 4:46
    6. Witness To The Truth 3:24
    7. The Nature Of Your Taste 2:24
    8. My Last Goodbye 4:32
    9. Enigma 4:22
    10. Hero Of The War 3:35
    11. King’s X (Bonus Track) 2:52
    12. Pretty Boy Shuffle (bonus track) 2:40


    It wound up better that way, as I discovered the perfect cover in a pen and ink piece by renowned fantasy artist Virgil Finlay. Finlay’s illustration is of a skeletal warrior on a beach surrounded by seagulls. Being that I worked in graphic design/advertising, I chopped the skull out of the larger artwork, leaving the winged helmet in as well. The result was not only an album cover, but the perfect colophon/logo for Falcon. I quickly got in touch with Finlay’s daughter through an old weird fiction friend, editor Joe Wrzos, to secure rights. From that point on the helmeted skull graced nearly every Falcon gig flyer. The final cover is a combination of Finlay’s finest and a backdrop of black leather amp leather or Tolex and the logo in silver embossed foil stamping as on the self-titled Nitzinger LP (1972).

    Perry Grayson


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