Song Shelob’s Lair • Performed by FalconRecorded Fri 21 Nov 2003 • Original version Shelob’s Lairby Cirith Ungol

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Escape from danger to the light of day
But they knew too little of Shelob’s ways
Thoughts are stifled in the choking air
Forever trapped in Shelob’s Lair
Shelob’s Lair

Warned by eyes that never sleep
Orcs swarm from their dungeons deep
Nazgul’s cries rent the air
The Ringbearer lies in Shelob’s Lair

Solo – Perry

Shelob was hungry, intent on her prey
She never looked where Samwise lay
Even as Sam looked on in despair
She sensed an intruder in Shelob’s Lair
Shelob’s Lair

Too late she looked and felt the bite
The bite of Sting pierced her page
Stench of death filled the air
Now Shelob dies in Shelob’s Lair

Slay that bitch!

Solo – Greg

A re-recording of an unreleased Cirith Ungol song written in the 1970’s. This is the first time the song has been officially available on record.


The spider Shelob was the inspiration for the tune “Shelob’s Lair”, which was written by Lindstrom around 1975. You can also see the spider motif repeated in the longsleeve shirt axeman Jerry Fogle used to wear at practices and gigs.

Perhaps they weren’t Alice Cooper, but Beattie is said to have covered his hands and upper body with fake spiders while his Ungol mates played “Shelob’s Lair,” an ode to the giant spider in Tolkien’s The Two Towers.

Perry Grayson, 31 Jan 2006 

Fantasy geeks might realize right off the bat that this is Greg’s take on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Like Zeppelin, Rush and Mountain before them, Cirith Ungol used the hippie’s fave fantasy series for song fodder. Shelob was the giant spider who tangled with the heroes of the story in Cirith Ungol. Cirith Ungol was the high mountain ‘pass of the spider’. Other Tolkien bits Greg inserted into the lyrics were the Ringbearer (Frodo the Hobbit), Samwise (Frodo’s Hobbit friend), the Nazgul (Ring wraiths) and the magic sword called Sting. A rehearsal recording sans vocals was my only guide in how to sing/play “Shelob’s Lair”. I tried to deliver the lines as Tim Baker (the CU vocalist) might have.

Perry Grayson


Shelob’s Lair (live 04 Mar 2004)

Falcon performing the “lost” Cirith Ungol tune “Shelob’s Lair” (written by Greg Lindstrom circa 1975) during their second gig ever on March 4, 2004. Raw, rough and flyin’ by the seat of their pants like many bands were back in the 1960s-70s, but a good indicator of what was to come at the many gigs Falcon played in the days to follow.


Shelob’s Lair (demo 2003)

From released Demo 2003 (2003) and Heavy Rawkin’ Rare (2005).

Shelob’s Lair (remix)

From released One Foot In Fire – A Tribute To Cirith Ungol (2005).
This is a special extended remix of the version that appears from the self-titled Falcon CD. Line-up on this song:

  • Perry Grayson – vocals, guitars
  • Greg Lindstrom – bass, keyboards
  • Darin McCloskey – drums
  • Additional recording and mixing by Perry Grayson
  • Additional keys: Greg Lindstrom
  • Spoken word: Perry Grayson
Shelob’s Lair (spoken word intro)

From released Heavy Rawkin’ Rare (2020).



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