Record Heavy Rawkin’ Rare • Band Falcon Format Online/streaming • Published Thu 21 May 2020


  1. Shelob’s Lair (demo 2003) (Cirith Ungol cover) 05:27
  2. Downer (demo 2003) 04:30
  3. The Crying Of Lot 246 (demo 2003) 04:00
  4. Johanna (Iggy & the Stooges cover) 03:54
  5. Shelob’s Lair (spoken word intro) (Cirith Ungol cover) 05:38
  6. Edge Of A Knife (Cirith Ungol cover) 04:25
  7. Bad Scene (Cirith Ungol cover) 03:57
  8. High Speed Love (demo) (Cirith Ungol cover) 03:50
  9. Half Past Human (no fade-out) (Cirith Ungol cover) 07:00
  10. Castle Peak (demo) 07:42
  11. Route 666 (Cirith Ungol cover) 03:16
  12. Half Past Human (demo) (Cirith Ungol cover) 07:41
  13. The Wreck Of The John Deere (demo) 03:54
  14. Murder in Blue (cover of Moonshine) 09:17
Heavy Rawkin’ Rare

The long-awaited Falcon rarities collection, Heavy Rawkin’ Rare has finally been released digitally on Bandcamp. The address is Heavy Rawkin’ Rare.

Heavy Rawkin’ Rare – Part I
  • DEMO 2003 (April 2003)
    • with unknown contents listed in Perry’s bio. Is it exactly track 1, 2 and 3 of CD-R (Demo 2003) and Heavy Rawkin’ Rare, or neither of these?
  • One Foot In Fire – A Tribute To Cirith Ungol (CD/LP, 2005)
    • Shelob’s Lair (remix) (cover of CIRITH UNGOL)
  • Sods ‘n’ Odds, probably be tracks 3 songs in LA in Nov. 2011. Two of songs is on part II.
    • Murder in Blue (finished, done with Heavy Rawkin’ Rare – song 14) – sound
Heavy Rawkin’ Rare – Part II

This is a list of stuff that has been planned, announced or scheduled, but delayed for various reasons. Some of it might be released some day, but there’s no need to hold your breath! Listed in Perry’s bio and others too.

  • Demo 2003 (CD-R, 2003)
    • On the Slab (dedicated to Phil “Thin Lizzy” Lynott)
  • “Throwback” Demo (October 2003)
  • Pre-Production Demos (Oct. 2003)
  • Untitled Forthcoming Rarities (2004-2006)
  • Re-recording 2006:
    • Throwback
    • Downer (is it exactly track 2 of Heavy Rawkin’ Rare, or neither of these?)
    • Everything There is To Know
    • Edge of a Knife (Cirith Ungol cover) (is it exactly track 6 of Heavy Rawkin’ Rare, or neither of these?)
    • Bad Scene (is it exactly track 7 of Heavy Rawkin’ Rare, or neither of these?) – sound
    • Johanna (Iggy & the Stooges cover) (is it exactly track 4 of Heavy Rawkin’ Rare, or neither of these?) – sound
  • Sods ‘n’ Odds, probably be tracks 3 songs in LA in Nov. 2011. One of songs is on part I.
    • Everything There Is To Know (LA version) – sound 07:16
    • ?
  • Undead Forever – A Buffalo Tribute (2011) – unreleased
    • Leader (remixed version)
  • DVD

There are currently no Falcon DVD’s released, but two full videoes are online on 2020.

There’s also some live video footage that we might throw onto a DVD at a later date. Definitely lots to look forward to.

-Perry Grayson, 28 Sep 2004 

Tribute to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal

This is a planned but unreleased sampler supposed to contain a Falcon song.

Falcon is currently selecting a song to cover for The Miskatonic Foundation’s TRIBUTE TO THE NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL compilation.

Perry Grayson, 10 Sep 2003

Falcon / Triarchy 7″ split

This is a planned but unreleased 7″ split single with Falcon / Triarchy.

7″: 2003? (Metal Coven Records)

  • Triarchy –
  • Falcon – Shelob’s Lair

Metal Coven Records in Germany are talking to us right now about the possibility of releasing a 7″ split single with one page from the British band Triarchy, and one page of Falcon material. Probably “Shelob’s Lair” when it’s re-recorded.

– Perry 19 Aug 2003

Falcon / Ogre 7″ split

This is a planned but unreleased 7″ split single with Falcon and Ogre.

7″: 2005 (Metal Coven Records; MCR-009) [x500]

  • Falcon – Leader (?)
  • Ogre – The Prophet (?)

We’re talking to Metal Coven Records (Germany) about the possibility of a Falcon/Ogre split 7″ single for you vinyl maniacs out there.

Perry Grayson, 08 Mar 2004


Falcon. Greg Lindstrom in an Ogre shirt and Darin McCloskey in a Thin Lizzy shirt.

Undead Forever – A Buffalo Tribute (2011)

or earlier: V/A “Only want you for your volume – The BUFFALO tribute” CD (2005-08)


  • CD: 25 Jul 2011 (Blood And Iron Records; Iron 008 [earlier release] or Iron 009 [later release])
  • vinyl 10″ album limited to 777 copies


  • BLOOD OF THE SUN – Sunrise
  • DOOMRAISER – Dune Messiah
  • MOS GENERATOR – Stay with me
  • OGRE – The Prophet
  • AMON RA – Freedom
  • FALCON – Leader (remixed version)
  • GLOW – Till my Death
  • IRON HEARSE – Suzie Sunshine
  • JOSIAH – Dead Forever
  • DAWNRIDER – Shylock
  • Twisted Tower Dire: Skirt lifter
  • Viaje a 800: What’s going on
  • Colour Haze
  • Rose Tatto
  • Doomfoxx
  • Blood Farmers
  • Iron Sword
  • Earthflight
  • The No-Counts D.O.M.
  • Leather
  • Doomraiser – Dune Messiah
  • Blood of the Sun – I’m coming on

“What was a frozen plan that lasted at least two years, comes out now finally! Aborted by many reasons and put to rest through a long hiatus, it’s now time to present the much deserved Buffalo tribute with 12 great international Heavy Rock/Doom acts from the U.S. to Portugal and Spain, with Germany, UK and Italy in between. These are mostly unreleased songs presented on CD, to celebrate the greatness (and heaviness) of Australia’s premier Doom Rock & Rollers! Approved by Mr. Dave Tice himself (who left some nice comments in a few versions he’d heard), with 16 page booklet and sleeve art done by Rod Wolf from Midnight Priest, this is a release not to be missed for all who give a damn to 70’s Heavy Rock! Clearly Blood & Iron is doing it. Many didn’t believed and some also forgot, but good news on the horizon: The job is done!”

This record has been delayed for several years! It was recently scheduled for 01 Jun 2011, but upon contacting the label, I was told it will be not be out before 25 Jul 2011. In 2013 it was finally cancelled.

See the Blood And Iron Records:

Blood & Iron Records


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