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Record Cirith Ungol Box set • Band Cirith Ungol Format Box set, Compilation appearances, and Unreleased

There are no boxset released or announced by Cirith Ungol. Altough, Greg has been talking about possibilites for a upcoming boxset in several interviews. Here is all information I’ve managed to gather about this possible boxset. All the quotes here are from before Servants of Chaos was re-released with a bonus DVD in 2011. See also amongst the box set.

Would it be possible to see a “Servants Of Chaos Volume Two” double CD in the future?

We have at least 20 songs that have never been properly recorded. We could definitely come up with 8 or 10 strong songs for an album. “Brutish Manchild and “Shelob’s Lair” come to mind….

Greg L, Apr 2002, Iron Wolf

[Talking about the song “Show You All”] As a CU page note, Rob used to do an illustration for every set of lyrics we wrote. Someday when we get around to doing a CU box set we’ll have to include all those illustrations.

Greg Lindstrom, 21 Jan 2009

Rob’s drawing for Show You All can be seen in the booklet for Falcon’s Die Wontcha album.


Cirith Ungol played [Thin Lizzy] covers of “Gonna Creep Up On You”, “Vagabonds Of The Western World”, and “Return Of The Farmers Son” for quite a few years. I’m sure at least one of those songs will end up on the Cirith Ungol box set someday.

Greg Lindstrom, 29 Mar 2009


I think “Back in ’51” will probably see the ligh of the day if we do a box set including old material”

Greg Lindstrom, late 2010


Some of these are released the Half Past Human (2020) on new re-recordings.


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