Record Heavy Rockin’ Raw • Band Various artists Format Various artists • Published 2010


Greg Lindstrom – compilation


  1. Road Runner – HEAD OVER HEELS
  2. Be Good And Be Kind – TIN HOUSE
  3. Only A Loner – DEMIAN
  4. Raging River Of Fear – CAPTAIN BEYOND (related to Deep Purple, m.m.)
  5. Idealist Realist – BANG
  6. Pull Away / So Many Times – DUST
  7. Witness To The Truth – NITZINGER (“silver embossed foil stamping” on Falcon cover)
  8. Evil – CACTUS (cover is Evil)
  9. Tramp – STRAY DOGS
  10. Warp 16 – HYDRA
  11. Aunti Christy/Harlow – WHITE WITCH
  12. Back In ’51 – MASTERS OF THE AIRWAVES (cover is Back In ’51)
  13. Black Book – PARIS
  14. You’re In America – GRANICUS
  15. Promotion Man – HIGHWAY ROBBERY (cover is Promotion Man)
  16. Rock ‘N’ Roll – DETROIT w/MITCH RYDER (cover is Rock And Roll)
  17. Suffer – STEPSON
  18. Gambler Gambler – ELF (cover is Gambler Gambler) (related to DIO, Rainbow, Deep Purple, m.m.)

This is a CD compilation I got as a bonus gift from Greg Lindstrom when I ordered a official Cirth Ungol hoodie. Thank you Greg!

It is a home made compilation of various hard rock bands from 1971-75Β that inspired Cirith Ungol, along with short comments in the booklet for each song. Along with the CD, was a handwritten letter where he thanks for the work of the website and gives some background of the CD:

I’ve included a CD compilation I made up last year with some of the 70’s bands that were a big influence on us. Some of the songs on here: “Evil“, “Back In ’51“, “Rock And Roll” and “Gambler Gambler” CU used to play at various stages in our early career. I think “Back in ’51” will probably see the ligh of the day if we do a box set including old material”

Greg Lindstrom, late 2010

13 / 100

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