Song High Speed Love • Performed by FalconRecorded Mon 24 May 2004 • Original version High Speed Loveby Cirith Ungol

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Revs are climbing higher
I’m lightin’ up the tires
Just like Formula One
Slippin’ into fifth gear, hoping there’s no cops near
I’m Attila the Hun – on wheels!

High Speed Love!

Smokin’ on the eight track
Think I’m on a race track
Nicky Lauda here I come
When I hit the open road is when I go go go
Just like Formula One

High Speed Love!

Lead Guitar Fills – Greg

Break hard, heel and toe
Hit the gas, can’t go slow
Oh, I think I’m in love
Double clutch downshift
Throw it in a power drift
Oh, I know I’m in love

High Speed Love!

Solo – Greg

This song was originally recorded by Cirith Ungol on their orange demo album from 1978. It had Tim on vocals. Another Ferrari-inspired theme.


โ€œHigh Speed Loveโ€ came out of Gregโ€™s love for Ferraris and other high performance sports cars.

Perry Grayson, Headache interview, 2005

“High Speed Love” is an old Cirith Ungol tune from the late ’70s. Greg wrote this fun little tune about fast cars. Both Greg and Rob Garven are big car racing fans. They love Ferraris and the like. I’ve never been much of a car geek, but I can understand their obsession with speedy automobiles. Tim Baker sang the original with backups by Rob and Greg.

Perry Grayson

High Speed Love (demo)

From released Heavy Rawkinโ€™ Rare (2020).


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