Song High Speed Love • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded Aug 1978

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  • Released on The Orange Album cassette (Aug 1978)
  • Was first made available for streaming atย Matt Baker’s The Cirith Ungol Legion MySpace group (dead link).
  • High Speed Love has been re-recorded by Falcon for their debut album in 2004.
  • Re-released on The Orange Album cassette (Dec 2020)

It is a reference to Ferraris.

“High Speed Love” is an old Cirith Ungol tune from the late ’70s. Greg wrote this fun little tune about fast cars. Both Greg and Rob Garven are big car racing fans. They love Ferraris and the like. I’ve never been much of a car geek, but I can understand their obsession with speedy automobiles. Tim Baker sang the original with backups by Rob and Greg.

Perry Grayson

26 / 100
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