Song We Know You’re Out There • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded Aug 1978

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  • Released on The Orange Album cassette (Aug 1978)
  • Was first madeย available for streaming atย the bands MySpace site
  • Re-released on The Orange Album cassette (Dec 2020)

Vocals by Neal Beattie and Tim Baker


    With no suitable singer in sight or earshot, friend and roadie Tim Baker tried out for the vocal spot. Although not a trained singer, Baker boasted a unique screaching style all his own. His first stab at recording vocals for a Cirith Ungol song was a “duet” with Neal Beattie on “We Know Youโ€™re Out There”, a track about alien invasion.

    Perry Grayson, 31 Jan 2006

    24 / 100
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    Orange album
    Servants Of Chaos

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