Song Route 666 • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded Aug 1978

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Cruising down the road, how could I know what would happen that night.
My engine just died, I didn’t why my eyes were blinded with light.
I started to run, then started the fun for then came the beast of the night
I turned round to see, it beckon to me and felt my blood turn to ice. To ice.

As it capered toward me, all I could see were its eyes filled with fire.
As I felt it caress, and the heat of its kit my loathing turned to desire.
I leapt to its touch, and ran to its clutch my heart beat faster and faster.
I knew it too lat to change my fate I was slave, it was master.

When you travel this road, you know soul is sold.
To the beast who is waiting for you alone. On Route 666.
Yes, you know you’ve been picked by the beast who is waiting on Route 666…

If you don’t believe, what happened to me don’t you call me a liar.
Just look in my eyes, don’t look surprised I said they were filled with fire.
Yes, now it’s you turn, and now you can learn it means to be picked.
Goodbye my friend, but I’ll meet you again. I’ll meet you on route 666.

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”Route 666” dates to 1977 or Ferrari engine revving as the original Ungol demo and this 2021 rendition

Route 666 (Demo Aug 1978)

Released on The Orange Album cassette (Aug 1978/2020).

  • Greg Lindstrom – vocals
  • Jerry Fogle – guitar
  • Robert Garven – Persussion
Route 666 – Falcon (2004)

Route 666 has been re-recorded by Falcon for their debut album in 2004

Route 666 (EP May 2021)

Re-released on Half Past Human (May 2021)

26 / 100
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Half Past Human

Orange album

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