19 years ago today: Appearing Live for the 1st Time!!! @ Johnny’s Foxx’s gigs or concerts was live 🎫️
40 years ago today: Masters Of Metal @ Club Soda, Reseda gigs or concerts was live 🎫️
Gig San Fernando Valley • Band(s)
Date 1981
Active played

Setlist (3 numbers or more)

There’s an amateur concert film of us circa 81 at a club in the San Fernando Valley

Greg Lindstrom, Saul Essame 1/2002 interview

There was one concert video that one of our friends shot in 1981 with the “Frost & Fire” line up at a small club in L.A. doing most of the “Frost & Fire” songs, as well as ‘Route 666’ and ‘Maybe That’s Why’ with me singing (!), but unfortunately, no one that I know has a copy.

Greg Lindstrom, Headache interview, 2005


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