Gig Free concert in Ventura State Beach Park • Band(s) Cirith Ungol
DateWed 28 Jul 1976
PresentState Parks and Recreation Department
Previous arenaPierpont Bay Jam II, The Ventura Parks and Recreation Department
Address ❓San Buenaventura State Beach 901 San Pedro St, Ventura, CA 93001
Country United States of America (USA) (US)
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A newspaper article in Ventura County Star Press from 1976. Photo is of the first singer Neal Beattie.

The concert at Ventura State Beach Park. Not sure about the date of concert, Thu 29 Jul 1976 or before. On the picture, it seems Wed 28 Jul 1976, and paper is Thu 29 Jul 1976.

Performed by Glacier (not the more known 1980’s Portland band), Cirith Ungol and Manitoba. Sound by Random Noise Sound Co.

What is the short story around the scene, or what is the link to Glacier and Manitoba? And which newspapers has published and photo of Neal Bettie? Most likely it is not “Ventura County – Star*Free Press” (Tue 27 Jul 1976).

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