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Gig Heavy Metal Blow-Out! – The last concert @ Ventura Theater • Band(s) Cirith Ungol
DateFri 13 Dec 1991
Previous arenaThe Majestic Ventura Theater
Address The Majestic Ventura Theater, 26 South Chestnut Street, Ventura, CA 93001
Country United States of America (USA) (US)
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Featuring Cirith Ungol with Special Guests Reel (correct is Keel) & Metropolls.

What is the short story around the scene, or what is the link to Metropolls? Or is it not the band?


This was the final concert before the comeback at Frost and Fire Fest II in 2016. Before that in a few months, the Meet & Greet came in Frost and Fire Fest (2015) and Keep It True XIX (2016).

These live clips were recorded at the Ventura Theater, December 1991 and it was their last show. The first four tracks unleashed by bassist Vern Green at Youtube in Nov 2007, while the last two songs were upped by Jim Barraza in 2010.

This was our last concert ever. The quality of the video is not good. It was certainly not one of our best shows as the band was suffering from disillusionment over our record company and personal problems. Jimmy and Vern left the band shortly afterwards with just me and Tim left deciding after a 22 year run to call it quits. A sad commentary on a great band I was lucky to be a part of…..

Robert Garven, c.2008




These are live songs that I have yet no further confirmed info about, except that they were performed in 1991. Uploaded by Jim Barraza.

What gigs with Jim on youtube? Is the gig Fri 13 Dec 1991 or another gig?



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