Song Maybe That’s Why • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded Dec 1980

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I don’t know how you really feel
I just know you’ve been hurt
Wish i could say what i really feel
But i know you need more than words
To say everything i wanted to say
I’d have to write a book
But you can say so much more
With just a signle look

Maybe tha’ts why, maybe that’s why,
i love you…

Close my eyes and i see your face
My heart stars beating your name
Look in your eyes and i melt away
I know i’ll never be the same


Now here’s the moral of the story
I know it’s easier said than done
Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself
No matter, no matter what comes
You’ve got the power, you’ve got the strength
I know you’re gonna pull through
And just in case it matters
Remember that i believe in you


Check it out here:

Even though it has lyrics, it is an instrumental. There are no vocals on this song. The original demo version of it had bass, drums and vocals, though. Written by Greg Lindstrom.

Steel Conjuring interview, May 2000: In my copy of ‘Frost….’ There’s a song called ‘Maybe that’s why’. What is really strange is that although in the lyric sheet it appears as a vocal song with lyrics, chorus etc. what someone hears is an instrumental song from the beginning to the end. Can you explain to me why did that happen?

Robert Garven: It was a love song Greg wrote, the original (I have on my un-released tapes) was the most unbelievable instrumental you can imagine. (Hopefully this can be on the CD of unreleased songs!) It didn’t come out near as good on the LP?!? Greg had written lyrics for it but we decided not to use them, there is not much mystery to this but it is the most asked C.U. question ever.

Maybe That’s Why (Album version Dec 1980)

From release Frost And Fire (1981).

Maybe That’s Why (Demo Mar 80)

From released Servant of Chaos (2001).

(March 80) Makes me wonder why we spent the time and $ to redo in a studio, when this original version I did at home has got a way better vibe.

Greg Lindstrom, liner notes, Steel Conjuring #3, May 2000

Maybe That’s Why (Demo – Full Band – Sep 1980)

From re-released Frost And Fire (2021). With vocal.

Maybe That’s Why (Demo – Unknown Date)

From re-released Frost And Fire (2021).

Maybe That’s Why (40th Anniversary Remix)

From re-released Frost And Fire (2021).

Maybe That’s Why (Remaster From Original Tapes / 2021 Remaster)

From re-released Frost And Fire (2021).

Maybe That’s Why (live)

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14 years ago

Would be awesome to hear the song with vocals! Perry told me has the demo with bass, drums and vocals, but it’s up to him (Greg) to release it as some point.


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