Song Atom Smasher • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded Aug 1978

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Welcome to the brave new world
The Future’s here, or haven’t you heard?
The sons of man have fell from grace
Till the Smasher comes to save his race

Here it comes, there it goes
Just a flash in the sky
Atom smasher, here he comes
Better run for your lives

He is the hero of the atom age
Born in a test tube raised in a cage
A reaver King his throne defiled
Roaming the streets to the call of the wild

As upstarts strive to rule the world
Against them Chaos legions hurled
The Smashers force has swept the land
Again begins the Dawn of Man

Check it out here:
Atom Smasher (Album version 1984)

From re-released King of the Dead (1984).

“Atom Smasher” gets the ball rolling with sheer power, only ever letting up for guitarist Jerry Fogle to introduce yet another dark musical passage into the “smasher’s” world.

King Fowley, liner notes

Atom Smasher (Orange Album 1978)

From released The Orange Album (Aug 1978/2020).

Atom Smasher (live)

Live at Opening for Loudness @ Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, Fri 05 Apr 1985.
From released Servant of Chaos (2001) and probably Live EP (1996) also.

Four of these next tracks were from a show at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara, California (04-05-85) about 30 minutes from Ventura where we all lived. We opened up for the Japanese band Loudness. These were never meant to be reproduced, and were made straight off the board onto cassette. I think they came out great. Jerry is gone now, but he was one of the greatest guitarists who ever lived. Long Live Jerry Fogle!

Robert Garven, liner notes


Live at Live at Up the Hammers Festival, Sat 27 May 2017

20 / 100
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Servants Of Chaos
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