4 years ago today: Heavy Rawkin’ Rare was released ๐Ÿ’ฟ๏ธ
Record 1983 LIVE Arlington Theatre in California • Band Cirith Ungol Format 12", Bootleg/counterfeit, and Live • Published 2011


A01I’m Alive (live)
A02Atom Smasher (live)
A03Master of the Pit (live)
B01King of the Dead (live)
B02Cirith Ungol (live)
  • Live bootleg album.ย 12″ LP. [x100]
  • Live bootleg album. 12″ LP. [x5 test press]

1983 LIVE Arlington Theatre in California“.ย Soundboard recording. Limited 100 copies.

    19 / 100
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    12 years ago

    The band members need to jump on this ASAP. Even if it’s something like a fan funded official live release. They must have some soundboards tapes that would be worth releasing themselves for the fans, that way they beat the bootleggers at their own game. I know I would be glad to pay between $15.00 & $25.00 for an official bootleggs series from the band themselves. Many bands have gone the route of asking the fans to pay up front to cover the production of the Cd’s themselves. Just a thought. I’d love to have copies of these boots but I will not pay some dirt bag making money off of a band that could use the money for THEIR art. Oh yeah and limited to 100 copies my ass! How many editions of 100 copies will they end up pressing in the long run? The band members are the only ones who have the right to sell their recordings. Bootlegs should be traded for free or not at all!!!!!


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