Song Master Of The Pit • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded 1983

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Pray you never kneel
To the Master of the Pit
Violently stirring their brew of corruption
Lords of the dark summon certain destruction

Pray you never kneel
To the one who calls you slave
With the hearts and tongues of the Gods
in the hands
The Legions of Hell below forth their commands

Bow down and kneel
To the Master of the Pit
Through the powers of Chaos are those you abide
You raise your sword to cast him apage

You know there’s no escape masters
When you see your world in flames
As the hellrains pound the darkening land
Man and sword begin their last stand

You know you’ll never kneel
To the Master of the Pit
Feverish prayers of life everafter
As your doom driven blade
drinks the soul of the Master

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Track 3 may be the band’s fines musical moment ever in the form of “Master Of The Pit”, where Cirith Ungol becomes almost in a trance while delivering some of the absolute most intense “jamming” ever recorded! The guitar playing in this song alone should bring shivers to anyone who lives for and follows the charm of ark heavy metal. A 100% masterpiece!

King Fowley, liner notes

Book Three in the famous Warrior of Mars trilogy

One of Cirith Ungol’s biggest lyrical inspirations was Michael Moorcock. Moorcock’s book Masters of the Pit (1965/71) is available at both Amazon.comย and eBay.


This was from my favorite album of all time ‘King of the Dead’. Once again Jerry’s guitar is simply amazing. There is also my trademark gong and Flint’s heavy flanged bass and Tim’s unequaled screeching! We used to hop around a lot on stage and at one point Jerry’s guitar came out. This was also before wireless connections!!!

Robert Garven, liner notes,ย live at Arlington Theate in Santa Barbara California 1985

Master Of The Pit (Album version 1984)

From re-released King of the Dead (1984).

Master Of The Pit (live)

Live atย Opening for Loudness @ Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, Fri 05 Apr 1985.
From releasedย Servant of Chaosย (2001).

Live at The Kings Of The Dead Have Risen @ Frost and Fire Fest II, Sat 08 Oct 2016

Live at Live at Up the Hammers Festival, Sat 27 May 2017

28 / 100
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King of the Dead

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