Record Return of the Dead Kings • Band Cirith Ungol Format bootleg, CD, live • Published 2009


Live at Roxy Club, 1983
01 Atom Smasher (live)
02 I’m Alive (live)
03 Black Machine (live)
04 Master of the Pit (live)
05 King of the Dead (live)
06 Death of the Sun
07 Finger of Scroll (live)
08 Cirith Ungol (live)
Live In Santa Barbara, 1985
09 Atom Smasher (live)
10 Master of the Pit (live)
11 King of the Dead (live)
Live at The Country Club, 1984
12 Last Laugh (live)
Live In Santa Barbara, 1985
13 Cirith Ungol (live)
Check it out here:

Was sold from whisperer in the darkness at eBay. Description: “Great item containing some rare live recordings with Cirith Ungol, one gig from Roxy Club 1983 and one from Santa Barbara. The Sound Quality is quite decent and enjoyable. Nicely done boklett with interviews and some nice CU pictures. Should be interesting for any Cirith Ungol fan.

The cover artwork of Elric is great of course, the booklet is quite good too for being a bootleg. It has words by Rob and Greg, and a lot of pics inside.

The real attraction here is the first part, Live at Roxy Club 1983, where most of the King of the Dead album is played. Three of the songs has never officially been released live before, that is Black Machine, Death of the Sun and Finger of Scorn. The sound quality is unfortunately not great. The highlight for me here is Finger of Scorn, which is presented in a quite different version from the album version. The acoustic intro and interlude is different, and Tim doesn’t “scream” as much, but sings in a much softer style, which serves this semi-ballad well.

The songs of the second part, Live In Santa Barbara 1985 and Live at The Country Club 1984, have already officially been released on Servants of Chaos in 2001. They were recorded 1984/85. The sound quality here is very good. (from 2009)


Also see here from 2019:

I’m Alive

And here from book and drawing (1976)

Michael Moorcock – Elric 1. Elric of Melniboné


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12 years ago

I couldnt have said it better dani! I totally agree that bootleggs are a integrated part of particularly the Underground metal scene, where Demos, rehearshals, Hard to get live recordings etc are only available to fans or collectors through bootleggs (or in some rare cases via download) Bootlegging has been going on since more or less “the birth of rock” some 30-40 years ago and really came alive in the 70´s with the whole record collecting thing, which later wore of on the metal community and those collectors. Totally agree with dani on this. Just my opinion aswell…

Ioannis Katis
Ioannis Katis
12 years ago

Please guys do NOT support bootlegers,those are lost money gone to some wise guy that released this!
I have this live recordings in my possession for many years but never thought to make a cover with Elric and release a bootleg cd!
If the band wanted it, they would have done so and make a profit out of it!
Having these songs in your p.c is one thing and release them as a bootleg cd is another.
Please stop buing bottlegs!
With all do respect

12 years ago

I got it aswell, great stuff indeed! Just saw that the seller put this one up recently, might be worth checking out.

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