Song Finger Of Scorn • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded Wed 19 Jan 1983 • Originally written 1979

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To see what lies beyond our sight.
The secrets robed in blackest night.
The things we dream, but never see.
Caged and blinded by the Beast.

From age to age it stalked the earth
The apish scum of evil birth
Up from slime it has seen man crawl
It waits to see our final fall

The Finger of Scorn! Points to us all!
The Finger of Scorn! Points!

Black idols lie, beneath the sea
They hold the secrets of our destiny
The ancient tales are left to die
And leave mankind to wonder why

The Finger of Scorn! Points to us all!
The Finger of Scorn! Points! to our fall!!

*solo by Jerry Fogle*

The beast will rule the hearts of men
‘Till mankind falls to ape again
And when our souls are stripped and torn
Still we face the Finger of Scorn!

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This song was written by Greg, even though he quit the band after the debut album. It is an excellent piece of music, and probably the closest thing to a ballad on the LP. It’s one of my favourite Ungol songs.

Singer Tim Baker was always loathed by many critics for his overly raw vocal delivery, but without Tim’s evil delivery tracks like “Finger Of Scorn” just wouldn’t have worked. While the band sets the mood Tim sets the intensity while pulling out and grabbing from within his soul meaningful words slike “the beast will rule the hearts of man till mankind falls to rape again”. A quite haunting yet beautifully faint guitar passage opens up “Finger…” and finds reprisal later on in the song, almost serving as “quiet time” for the listener to deeply think about just what Tim is saying. Disturbing material for sure.

King Fowley, liner notes


“Finger of Scorn” was one of our original pre “Frost & Fire” songs, which Greg wrote.

Robert Garven, Diabolical Conquest interview


“Finger Of Scorn” was one of my songs that the band used with my blessing.

Greg Lindstrom, BallBuster interview


Tι σημαίνουν για σένα οι Dexter Ward και κατ’ επέκταση το heavy metal;
Οι Dexter Ward για μένα αυτή την στιγμή είναι η έξοδος μου από την καθημερινότητα και ένα καινούργιο όνειρο που θα κυνηγήσω από την αρχή μέχρι το τέλος χωρίς να έχω μεγάλες προσδοκίες, με μοναδικό γνώμονα το να περνάμε καλά. Όσο αναφορά το Heavy Metal θα σου συνοψίσω την απάντηση μου σε ένα τραγούδι, το “Finger Of Scorn” των θεών Cirith Ungol. Τα συναισθήματα που αναβλύζουν μέσα από τις νότες του είναι ίσως η τελειότερη μορφή τέχνης που έχει υπάρξει σε αυτό τον πλανήτη. Μνημείο πραγματικό για τις γενιές που θα ακολουθήσουν. Το Heavy Metal είναι το είδος μουσικής που έχει δημιουργήσει τα περισσότερα τραγούδια ανάλογου επιπέδου, οπότε δικαιωματικά έχει την μεγαλύτερη θέση στην καρδιά μου.

From an interview with Dexter Ward.

Google translate below. If you can provide a better translation, please contact!

What they mean for you as Dexter Ward and hence the heavy metal;
The Dexter Ward for me right now is the output from my everyday life and a new dream to chase from beginning to end without having great expectations, only to be driven fun. The reference to the Heavy Metal I will summarize my answer to one song, “Finger Of Scorn” gods Cirith Ungol. The emotions that flow through the notes are probably the most perfect art form that has existed on this planet. Monument real for generations to come. The Heavy Metal is a genre that has created more songs similar level, so that rightfully has the highest place in my heart.


Finger Of Scorn (version 1979?)

Finger Of Scorn (Album version 1984)

From released King of the Dead (1984/2017).

Finger Of Scorn (live)

Live at Live at Up the Hammers Festival, Sat 27 May 2017

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