Song Black Machine • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded Wed 19 Jan 1983

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Climb aboard the Black Machine
Fills your head with evil dreams
Fills your head with thoughts of fire
A quick escape your one desire

Ride The Black Machine

Pearly whites behind back dawn lips
Ride with the Masters of the Pit
Snapping jaws of the dogs of doom
Kick your way from this stagnant tomb

Ride the Black Machine

Climb aboard the Black Machine
To that place you’ve never been
The Black Machine will take you higher
Your burning souls our one desire

Robs second favourite Ungol song. No1 is I’m Alive. See also Ferrari.

Sleazegrinder: Have you ever ridden the black machine?
Robert Garven: Personally, no. I tried to climb aboard but was thrown off. However I drive a red machine on weekends. My other dream was to get a Ferrari. After the band broke up and I paid off all the bills I got married bought a garage with a small house attached, and realized my dream. Weekends find me in the garage listening to bands like ASKA, Fireball Ministry or Riot, taking apart my carburetors (it has 8), or taking something apart. Since my dream of music has died, this is my passion now, and it runs deep, very deep.

Extract from an interview


Art of Kelsey Magnolia (Atom Smasher and Black Machine)

Black Machine (Album version 1984)

From released King of the Dead (1984).

The eerie follower “Black Machine” tells of things we all fantasize of, yet there’s a big price, your soul!

King Fowley, liner notes

Black Machine (live)

Live at Up the Hammers Festival, Sat 27 May 2017


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