Song The Crying Of Lot 246 • Performed by FalconRecorded Mon 24 May 2004

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I climbed so high
Wanna touch the indigo sky
Hitting a brick wall
Hopes crumble, I scream and call

Rugged landscape, watch it bleed
Purple hills, got no need
Trees uprooted, toxic litter
Auction ’em off to the highest bidder

Barbed wire to keep us out
False intentions, there is no doubt
No man by his own hands
Can sell or tame this land

Build your mall, level it all
No retreat to the wild
Concrete entombs us all
No respite for nature’s child

What belongs to all of us who walk the Earth
What belongs to all of us who breathe the air

Corporate men with pockets deep
Never climbed the mountains steep
They hide behind their city walls
Piling bills in bank vaults – Oh no!

Solo – Perry

A song about the environment.

cryingoflot49 The Crying Of Lot 246 | Cirith Ungol Online

The title of this one is a play on Thomas Pynchon’s 1965 novel The Crying of Lot 49. Thematically it’s slightly similar to “Castle Peak”. “Lot 246” also has something in common with Grand Funk Railroad’s “Save the Land”. It’s about conserving land, lashing out against greedy commercial/corporate property developers. Getting back to nature. That sort of thing… Both Greg Lindstrom and I are big fans of Cream, and the chord progression in the chorus of “Lot 246” brings to mind “Tales of Brave Ulysses”. Chronologically, this one was the second track I wrote for Falcon – also the second I demoed with a drum machine in autumn 2002.

Perry Grayson


A fiery rendition of my tune “The Crying of Lot 246,” off the self-titled Falcon album. This is from the gig we did with Earthride at Spaceland on Mar. 14, 2004.

Perry Grayson, 29 Oct 2010

The Crying of Lot 246 (live 14 Mar 2004)

The Crying of Lot 246 (demo 30 Mar 2003)

From releasedย Demo 2003 (2003) and Heavy Rawkinโ€™ Rare (2020).


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