Song Throwback • Performed by FalconRecorded Mon 24 May 2004

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Theme Lead – Perry

They say my hair’s too long
They say my jeans are too tight
They claim I play too loud – too loud!
And lead the Pentagram crowd – livin’ in a ram!

I’m a throwback, baby
Born too late
Well, I’m a throwback, baby
But I wasn’t taught to hate

Got my axe slung high
My Doom notes don’t lie
They watch my heroes die
Public eye don’t cry


People try to put me down
But they just don’t understand
I’m a heavy rockin’ man
Heavy rockin’, heavy rockin’ man, yeah!

Feedback guitar – Perry
Solo – Perry

I’m a godless son
I’m the nameless one
Heavy rockin’ raw
I’ll split you like a saw – Buzzsaw!

For the most part, “Throwback” is just a let loose and have fun type of song. I still managed to inject some seriousness into the fray. The lines “They watch my heroes die / Public eye don’t cry” imply that the media doesn’t care about the passing of talented musicians. Like say Chuck Schuldiner of Death and Control Denied fame. Randy Palmer (Bedemon, Pentagram) is another that comes to mind. The rest of the lyrics deal with the uninitiated not understanding the world of heavy rock and metal. Claiming it’s too loud and “evil” sounding. Let’s not forget all that demonic imagery. When I sang “I’m a throwback, baby / Born too late,” I was quoting from the Wino-era Saint Vitus classic. I dig stuff that people call dinosaur rock (say Pentagram again!), I let my freak flag fly (the hair is flowin’!) and I love playing through a blaring full Marshall stack. Another Pentagram-related lyric is “livin’ in a ram!” (as in “Living in a Ram’s Head”).

Parry Grayson

Throwback Demo (Oct 2003)

See the Heavy Rawkin’ Rare (2020).

Throwback (re-recording 2006)

See the Heavy Rawkin’ Rare (2020). Original versions appears on the self-titled Falcon debut album (2004).

Wed 01 Mar 2006

The six songs we recorded in March with Andrew Sample on drums are nearly done. We did the basic tracks live—that’s the ONLY way to record Falcon—of course. A few overdubs to finish up, then it’s mixing time. The six tunes are: “Throwback“, “Downer,” “Everything There is To Know,” “Edge of a Knife” (Cirith Ungol), “Bad Scene” and “Johanna” (an Iggy & the Stooges cover). The reason behind doing “Throwback” and “Downer” again is ’cause Andrew and Darin play the tunes different than each other. So, we thought we’d give you a chance to hear what those sound like with Andrew drumming.

Perry Grayson, 19 Jul 2006

Throwback (Perry Grayson @ rehearsal 28 Feb 2022)

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