Song Dark Parade • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded Fri 20 Oct 2023

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The silent echoes fill my head
Beyond the living, past the dead
The siren song I always hear
L’appel du vide, unbroken fear

From long ago the voices call
Before the lash, before the fall
A requiem of where we’ve been
Endless lies and boundless sin

As we join the dark parade of broken dead
Is this Hell on Earth or in my head?

The faded glow of darkened skies
Shattered dreams and last goodbyes
The deadly gleam behind the tomb
The call of death, the call of doom

As we join the dark parade of broken dead
Is this Hell on Earth or only in my head?

Nothing ever changes, the tears we cry in vain
No rift between our nightmares
And daylight’s cold remains
The neverending payment
For the choices that we’ve made
A suicide of reason as we join that dark parade

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From the majestic eight-minute-long “Sailor On The Seas Of Fate,” which starts with a reflective arpeggio and builds into a pounding, near-tribal volley before segueing into a bleak, slow burn of retribution and agony, to the final three movements of the “Dark Parade” saga (comprised of “Dark Parade,” “Distant Shadows,” and “Down Below“), CIRITH UNGOL‘s latest album offers a metallic soundtrack of societal decay and environmental collapse that foreshadows nothing less than total extinction. (Metal Blade)


“Dark Parade” saga:

  1. Dark Parade
  2. Distant Shadows
  3. Down Below


Album version



25 / 100
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Dark Parade

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