Record Shout It Out Loud • Band Broken Silence Format Album • Published 1994



  • Tracy King – Lead and Background Vocals
  • Stephen Gomez – Guitars, Lead and Background Vocals
  • Vern Green – Bass Guitar and Background Vocals
  • Joy Soderstrom – Keyboards and Background Vocals
  • Keith Swanson – Drums
  • Keith Mack – Electric and Acoustic Guitar
  • Benjy King – Keyboards, Guitar, Background Vocals, Percussion
  • Larry Soderstrom – Background Vocals
  • Produced, Arranged, And Engineered by Benjy King
  • Recorded at Say Listen Recording Studios in Ojai, CA.
  • Mixed by Kent Heckman and Benjy King at Red Rock Recording, Saylorsburg, PA.
  • Cover Art: Jeff Wack
  • Graphic Design and Photography: Mike Yuen
  • Keyboard Gear provided by Bryan McCann at Instrumental Music, Thousand Oaks, CA.

1994 Mighty Emma Music-ASCAP

ID: 2646
title: CD: (Mighty Emma Music-ASCAP; BS-0294)

Release label: Mighty Emma Music-ASCAP
Release number: BS-0294
Release date: 1994

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Broken Silence is a christian female fronted  AOR rock band. This was Broken Silence’s debut album. Songs are written between 1986-94. It is nothing like Cirith Ungol at all, but it’s a nice melodic Heart-styled rock album and is well worth a listen.  8 page colour booklet included. The album seems to be out of print and therefore unfortunately not too widely available, but you can still find it for a fair price. My favourites are the last three songs.

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