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Broken Silence was a christian female fronted (hard) rock/AOR band, feat. Vern Green. Broken Silence began in 1989 with Steve Gomez and Tracy King joining forces with some other musicians. Soon after the first four song EP of Broken Silence music was released. In 1990, Vern Green, Joy Soderstrom and Keith Swanson joined the group. Soon after their full length CD Shout It Out Loud was released. Last time from 2009, Broken Silence was made up of Vern Green on Bass, Steve Gomez on guitar, Trevor Jones on drums and the very talented writer and lead vocalist Brandon Merritt.

Photos are from Triumphant Life youth camp

Triumphant Life Camp.

Broken Silence – “Demo Tape” (1991)



  • Tracy King – lead vocals
  • Stephan Comez – guitar/keybords
  • Dean Cerny – bass
  • Robbie Destocki – drums


  1. Love is Forever
  2. Are You Ready
  3. Whatever It Takes
  4. Hold Your Heart
  5. Heavens Arms
  6. I Am (The Rock)
Broken Silence – Shout It Loud (1994)

In 1990, Vern Green, Joy Soderstrom and Keith Swanson joined the group. Soon after their full length CD Shout It Out Loud was released in 1994.


  • Tracy King โ€“ย Lead and Background Vocals
  • Stephen Gomezย โ€“ Guitars, Lead and Background Vocals
  • Vern Greenย โ€“ Bass Guitar and Background Vocals
  • Joy Soderstromย โ€“ Keyboards and Background Vocals
  • Keith Swansonย โ€“ Drums

See the album Shout It Out Loud. Also see Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Deep Purple) on the song We Will Survive.

Broken Silence – unfinished album (2009)


  • Brandon Merritt – lead vocal, writer
  • Steve Gomez – guitar
  • Vern Green – bass
  • Trevor Jones – drums

The band is writing music for their next full length CD and hope to have it available at the beginning of 2009.

Unfinished album is the same as dead album in these case. Last updated 08 Apr 2009 on MySpace.

[Stephen ‘Mighty’ Gomez] is in the process of writing new material for the upcoming Broken Silence CD.


Vern enjoys writing music with Steve Gomez for the upcoming Broken Silence cd.

From Urban Soul


There have been talks about a second album, but the band seems to be pretty much on ice if they have not disbanded already.

Band’s Facebook page has been taken down. There is no website, only an old MySpace site.

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Broken Silence

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