Song We Will Survive (Joe Lynn Turner cover) • Performed by Broken Silence

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We Will Survive is credited Bob Held, Joe Lynn Turner, Al Greenwood, Al Pitrelli. We Will Survive performed by Joe Lynn Turner appears on the album Hurry Up And Wait, released 1998 – actually four years later than Broken Silence from 1994. Have you heard the original song from 1990?

Bob Held, Joe Lynn Turner, Al Greenwood, Al Pitrelli
Β© 1990 Little ‘L’ Music/Hit List-ASCAP Jolt Music-ASCAP; Big Name Songs-BMI; ANJ Publishing/Polygram-BMI


JL. Turner/B. Held/A. Pitrolll/A. Greenwood (JOLT Music/ASCAP/Little L Music/ Hit List Music/ASCAP, ANJ Music/BMI, Big Name Songs/BMI)

Guitars: Al Pitrelli
Keyboards – Paul Morris
Bass – Greg Smith
Drums – Kenny Kramme
Background vocals – Nancy Bender, Kyle Gordon, Dina Miller, Greg Smith, Swan, Godfrey Townsend, JLT

16 / 100
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Joe Lynn Turner – We Will Survive 1998

Broken Silence – Shout It Out Loud 1994

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