Record Die Wontcha • Band Falcon Format Album • Published Sat 26 Apr 2008


Credits and recording info


  1. Jimmy Clark
  2. No Future
  3. Elfland’s Daughter
  4. Corporate Whore
  5. The Wreck Of The John Deere (instrumentral)
  6. Leader
  7. Careless
  8. Falcon
  9. Everything There Is To Know
  10. Show You All (Cirith Ungol cover)

Tue 06 May 2008 Liquid Flames Records

ID: 1007
title: CD: (Liquid Flames Records; OW 30992)

Release label: Liquid Flames Records
Release number: OW 30992
Release date: Tue 06 May 2008

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Wed 27 Aug 2014 Svart Records, Limited 500 copies

ID: 1008
title: LP: 2014 (Svart Records; SVR111)

Release label: Svart Records
Release number: SVR111
Release date: Wed 27 Aug 2014
Limited: 500

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The second Falcon album, released four year after the debut.

I took two weeks off work – no pay – so we could record Die Wontcha towards the end of October ’06. It was an incredible experience. Darin and Greg rose to the occasion and played their bloody arses off! They both should be commended for a job well done! I was rooming with the dudes from Blue Cheer at Chris Kozlowski’s infamous Polar Bear Lair most of that time. Got to witness the reformed Cactus at Jaxx in Virginia, caught up with the Internal Void boys and we managed to whip out an album we were very satisfied with over several days.

Perry Grayson, 21 Jan 2009

The cover and the title

The cover is a painting by renowned fantasy artist Virgil Finlay.

  • Cover painting Virgil Finlay, available at isfdb and Amazon.
  • Book Famous Fantastic Mysteries (December 1946), available at isfdb and Amazon.
  • Album Why Dontcha (1973) is available both at Amazon and at eBay.

The title “Die Wontcha” is a play on the West, Bruce, & Laing album “Why Dontcha” (1973). First photo from left is the original Why Dontcha-album. The middle is a piss-take on the Why Dontcha album and. The last is a rough, proto version of the album cover.

Below is the title track Why Dontcha.

21 / 100
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Jerrys Ghost Turned Off My Lights
Jerrys Ghost Turned Off My Lights
13 years ago

Excellent album! Excellent band! Perry, Greg and Darrin have created a hard rock classic for the ages. Perry is a well seasoned pro guitarist that pulls off more hooks than a deep sea fishing boat. The elements of Cirith Ungol are present along with the Thin Lizzy and Mountain influences. Great stuff, give it a listen. The double leads in Elfland’s Daughter is worth the cost of the disc alone! Possibly the most thoughtful lyrics since early Blue Oyster Cult who I always considered the thinking man’s metal band. Greg Lindstrom, the master on the bass, so good it’s scary. Check out the first Falcon album as well, it’s also a 9 out of 10.


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