Song 100 MPH • Performed by Bugen HagenRecorded Aug 2004 • Original version 100 MPH

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BugenHagen is:

  • Jörg Seegers (Siggi) on Vocals
  • Günther Siemens (Günni) on Bass
  • Ulf Schraplau (Schnulf) on Guitar
  • Torsten Buß (Dietje) on Drums and Vocals
  • Ex-member Uwe Hansen on Guitar you can hear on this Record, too.

Jörg and me (Torsten) are long time fans of Cirith Ungol.We infected Günther and Ulf with their Music and than it was not far to cover one of their Songs…but we do it in the BugenHagen Style… ?We cover only 100 mph from Cirith Ungol…but maybe…sometimes we cover one more….”Heaven help us” is a favorite Song for us all!After 10 Years Split-up we do some new Musik together and in the moment we try to record a new Demo. Let’s see what’s happen…

Torsten, 01 Oct 2016

Link to the song at Myspace

21 / 100
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