Song The Flame • Performed by Blind OathRecorded Fri 17 Mar 2023 • Original date Mon 31 Oct 2022

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Oh! The cold light it fades
Nothing endures but the embers
Of the most sacred flame

For the flame we will fight!
There is no measure of darkness, other than absence of light!

Let not the flame die
Cherished deep in its cavern
Never shall meet it’s demise

For the flame we will fight!
There is no measure of darkness, other than absence of light!

We must fight the dark. We must fight the darkness, the darkness that lives inside all of our hearts.

β€œOh thou who burn in heart, for those who burn in hell, whose fires thyself, shall feed in turn, how will you cry?”

Check it out here:

Blind Oath – “The Flame” featuring Tim Baker of Cirith Ungol video is live on NWOTHM Full Albums YouTube channel and the single is on all digital platforms. Full album release March 17, 2023. Look for pre-orders for vinyl/CD soon. In the meantime, watch, listen, share. Heavy metal magick is real in Tulsa rock city!

Eric Miller – vocals
Mitch Gilliam – guitar, vocals
Stuart Hetherwood – drums
Jacob Fuller – bass
Robert Gutierrez – guitar
Tim Baker – guest vocal
Russell Moore – guest guitar

Recorded at Captain’s Quarters Recording StudioΒ in Ventura, CA
Engineered and mixed by Armand John Anthony
Mastered by Ryan Freq Foster at Foster Mastering in Portland, OR
Artwork illustration by Josh Hass
Layout and design by Well-Told, LLC
Video directed/filmed by Press Pause Films on location at WOMPA in Tulsa, OK
Directed, filmed and edited by Press Pause Films in Tulsa, OK
Shot on location at Wompa in Tulsa, OK
All songs / lyrics by Blind Oath / Blind Oath Publishing / ASCAP
Blind Oath (feat. Tim Baker) – The Flame (Official Video)

“The Flame (feat. Tim Baker)” available on all platforms through Horton Records on October 31, 2022.


20 / 100
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