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Record The Fine Art of Aging Gracefully • Band Masters of Disguise Format CD, EP • Published Fri 27 May 2016


  1. Torture Me (Omen cover)
  2. Goblin’s Blade (Heathen cover)
  3. Battalions (Metal Church cover)
  4. Back to Reign (Agent Steel cover)
  5. Master of Disguise (Savage Grace cover)
  6. Frost and Fire (Cirith Ungol cover)
Check it out here:

Christian Logue’s Savage Grace Diary

This e-book is called Christian Logue’s Savage Grace Diary. Masters of Disguise is in many ways also a continuation of the ’80s metal band Savage Grace.

He was arrested in 2005 for practicing quack medicine without a license under a false identity. He later allegedly opened a clinic in the Caribbean claiming to treat cancer patients under that same identity, using unproven alternative treatments.

He also reportedly runs a porn production company, and is currently using the Savage Grace website to attempt to recruit young women to supposedly keep him company.

Wrote an autobiography about his time with Savage Grace, titled “Christian Logue’s Savage Grace Diary – My Life Leading the Greatest Heavy Metal Band You Probably Never Heard of.”  (Metal-Archives)

Buy the e-book for only $19.95. 😎

Savage-Grace-book The Fine Art of Aging Gracefully

Recipient receives: $19.95 USD
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