Song Frost and Fire • Performed by Masters of DisguiseRecorded Fri 27 May 2016 • Original version Frost And Fireby Cirith Ungol

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Frost and Fire was the first CU album I got to hear in the mid 80s I guess. Unique style and sound. When we spoke about songs for an EP with US metal covers, we thought it would be a cool thing to feature one of the old CU tracks which were still present in our minds. It had to be the title track because to me, it’s an outstanding piece of early US metal. Occasionally we got Neudi from Manilla Road to play drums on this one and so the whole thing had some special flair, since Neudi used to be the first drummer in Masters Of Disguise as well. When the EP came out, we met Tim baker and Rob at Keep It True in Germany and of course they got their copies! We never played Frost and Fire live though because we thought we captured a very special version on CD. The song is not what Masters Of Disguise usually stand for, but we had great fun recording it!

Masters Of Disguise have risen from the ashes of Savage Grace, a Californian speed metal outfit from the 80s which had been reformed in 2009 by singer Christian Logue. He hired musicians from the NWOBHM cover band Roxxcalibur to join him for a European Tour in 2010. After the tour, songs for a new album had been written, but Chris disappeared and the band split up. Having a couple of superb songs up their sleeves, the remaining band members decided to go on as Masters Of Disguise with singer Alexx Stahl (Roxxcalibur, Bonfire) and released their debut album “Back With A Vengeance” in 2013.

– Masters Of Disguise, Feb 2019


Roxxcalibur – Lords of the NWOBHM (2011). Cover artwork is Elric “The Dragon Lord“.

Christian Logueโ€™s Savage Grace Diary

This e-book is calledย Christian Logueโ€™s Savage Grace Diary. Masters of Disguise is in many ways also a continuation of the โ€™80s metal band Savage Grace.

Savage Grace book Frost and Fire | Cirith Ungol Online

He was arrested in 2005 for practicing quack medicine without a license under a false identity. He later allegedly opened a clinic in the Caribbean claiming to treat cancer patients under that same identity, using unproven alternative treatments.

He also reportedly runs a porn production company, and is currently using the Savage Grace website to attempt to recruit young women to supposedly keep him company.

Wrote an autobiography about his time with Savage Grace, titled โ€œChristian Logueโ€™s Savage Grace Diary โ€“ My Life Leading the Greatest Heavy Metal Band You Probably Never Heard of.โ€ย (Metal-Archives)


Buy the e-book for only $19.95 ๐Ÿ˜Ž. Payment is hereย orย there. Add a message: Christian Logueโ€™s Savage Grace Diary.

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