Song Frost and Fire • Performed by Arkham WitchRecorded Mon 25 Jul 2016 • Original version Frost And Fireby Cirith Ungol

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Recorded at Jam of Top, early 2016

Nine years ago The Lamp of Thoth recorded a cover of the Cirith Ungol track Frost and Fire for the Cauldron of Witchery release. I particularly liked this recording and asked if we could record it again, with me playing on it. So we did. Then as if by magic at the same time, Cirith Ungol appeared to arise from the grave. HOORAH!

So this is for our fans, and Cirith Ungol. The Arkham Witch 2016 version of Frost and Fire. Enjoy. This one’s on the house.

John H (guitar chap), 26 Jul 2016


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