Record The Priest’s Command • Band Faustcoven Format CD, compilation, demo, rehearsal • Published Thu 19 Mar 2009


“Satanic Doom” demo 2002
01 Into the Bowels of Hell
02 Castle of the Tyrant
03 Summoning the Apocalypse
04 Warhead (Venom cover)
05 Black Riders
06 Ninth Gate
“The March of Cloven Hooves” demo 2003
07 Under the Pagan Hammer
08 Blasphemer’s Eulogy
09 To Walk the Infernal Fields (Darkthrone cover)
10 Phantom Sun
11 Twelve Disciples For the Antichrist
12 Save Us
“The Halo of Burning Wings” rehearsal 2003
13 Annointed in Flames
14 Red Moon, Black Magic
15 Oldschool War
16 Return to the Castle
“Atomsmasher” rehearsal 2003 (from unreleased Cirith Ungol tribute release)
17 Atomsmasher (Cirith Ungol cover)


Check it out here:

A demo compilation album with a Cirith Ungol cover. Includes foldout interview and big artwork, limited to 1000 copies. Released on CD 19 Mar 2009 (Under the Sign Of Garazel) [ltd. x1000].


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12 years ago

goood job! especially the Summoning the Apocalypse!!

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