Song Edge Of A Knife • Performed by Mutant DiseaseRecorded Fri 19 Oct 2012 • Original version Edge Of A Knifeby Cirith Ungol

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Mutant Disease is my solo project that I’ve had going since I was in high school. I didn’t have much original material (until I recently finished my first album so I recorded a lot of covers for fun and to improve my skill in singing, drum programming, mixing etc. I was listening to Frost and Fire a lot at the time, so naturally I had to cover something from that. All the lyrics on that album really speak to me so it was hard to chose a song to cover, but I guess I ended up choosing Edge of a Knife because of how much I liked the guitar parts. I suppose I also felt like I could add a bit of my own style to it so it wouldn’t just sound exactly like the original. Besides that I haven’t done any other Cirith Ungol covers but maybe the most lasting thing about my discovering them was that their album covers and lyrical themes lead me to discover Elric of Melnibone. Ever since I read those books Elric has been a huge part of Mutant Disease as well so I must thank them for that! In that way I would say Cirith Ungol has had a huge influence on me.

Aaron Byrd, 03 Oct 2016



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