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Song Relentless • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded Fri 20 Oct 2023

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The realms of eternity calling
The hellhounds on the attack
Nothing to gain but endless pain
Relentless, primeval, and black

Relentless, the end is near
A lesson that we’ll never learn
Relentless, you join them there
At misery’s chaotic churn

Your prayers amounted to nothing
Your fealty nothing to show
Give us this day, our daily death
While spiraling further below

Relentless, the only fear
The lesson that we’ll never learn
Relentless, a deathly stare
At misery’s chaotic churn

You know the future leads nowhere
You know there’s no going back
These visions are deadly
Relentless, eternal, and black

Relentless, the end is near
The lesson that we’ll never learn
Relentless, come join us there
At misery’s chaotic churn

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Wasting no time to ride their molten wave they started with their 2020 studio comeback Forever Black, CIRITH UNGOL started writing songs for Dark Parade as soon as Forever Black was released. Then, like everyone else, CIRITH UNGOL were hamstrung by the global pandemic, struggling through illness, seclusion, grief, and depression in their quest to create dark, vibrant art. And like the greatest warriors, they persevered, working on one song at a time โ€“ distractions be damned. The first track composed was the crushing โ€œRelentless,โ€ which reinforced their confidence and clarity of vision. The rest of the album came naturally, fueled by personal misery and the tragedy of worldwide collapse.

โ€œBand members lost close relatives and we struggled as best we could through the pandemic which ravaged the earthโ€™s population and economies,โ€ drummer Rob Garven notes. โ€œAs horrifying as it was, it was the perfect backdrop for our doom-laden message of a world on the edge of destruction.โ€

One of the album highlights, “Relentless,” mixes early Mercyful Fate-style interplay with Middle Eastern guitar touches, courtesy of Barraza. “The Egyptian and Hindu guitar scales have always intrigued me for their exotic sound,” he says. “I wanted to come up with a sort of snake charmer melody. It fit well and stuck, so we built the song from there.” (Metal Blade)

Art by Tim Shagrat

Album version



17 / 100
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