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The Lamp of Thoth have covered the Ungols, they are using an altered Star of Chaos logo, very similar to the Ungol logo, and they can be seen wearing an Ungol shirt at the gig in the video below

The Lamp of Thoth has it’s own star logo. Also this covering Frost and Fire.

Originally Performed by

His own “Simon Iff?” aka “The Overtly Melancholic Lord Strange”.

Then I designed the logo of the band. It was an inverted cross set against the Chaos sphere symbol, and in-between the arrows were flowers. I had first seen this on the albums of one of my favourite bands Cirith Ungol. They had used it because of their fascination with Moorcock’s Elric. I wanted to use it because the inverted cross was supposed to symbolise mankind’s fall into matter; the symbol was the chaos which ensued from this union and the flower’s beauty which was the product of it.

See the logo here:



See The Overtly Melancholic Lord Strange as Chaos Star.

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Lamb of Thoth – Cauldron of Witchery

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