Gig Battle Of The Bands @ Spring Fair ’82 Career Expo • Band(s) Cirith Ungol
DateFri 07 May 1982
Address ❓Ventura County Fairgrounds and Event Center, 10 West Harbor Boulevard, Ventura, CA 93001
Country United States of America (USA) (US)
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Los Angeles Times, 01 May 1982. An announcement for an upcoming “Battle of the bands”-event where Cirith Ungol participated multiple times.

  • Triton led by Neil Henderson of Ventura
  • Freds led by Pat Stachey of Oxnard
  • Entry led by Chris Kasabian of Newbury Park
  • Cirith Ungol led by Robert Garven of Ventura
  • Rockne led by Brett McMaster of Simi Valley
  • Chris Keith Band led by Chris Keith of Thousand Oaks
  • Eclpse led by Tracy Longo of Ventura
  • Time Steps led by Joe Flores of Whittier

What is the short story around the scene, or what is the link to Triton, Freds, Entry, Rockne, Chris Keith Band and Time Steps?

We played in a local battle of the bands every year. We were always the best, but the judges always wanted bands people could dance to, so they could have dances with the winner. Needless to say, they never knew what to make of us, we always blew the other bands away with our on stage theatrics and heavy sounds. One year we had some of our equipment stolen and were generally fucked with during one of these “competitions”. The song “One Foot in Hell” was about that night.

Robert Garven, Steel Conjuring-interview, 2000


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