Gig One Night Only • Band(s) Cirith Ungol
Date Sat 18 Sep 1982
Active cancel_band

Bitch / Cirith Umgoo [!] / Pandemonium. Replaced from Cirith Ungol to Metallica. The band Pandemonium replaced Hans Naughty also?

On this date in 1982: A showcase by a new independent Metal label called @metalbladerecords was booked at The Stone in San Francisco. “Cirith Umgoo” (the club misspelled @cirithungolband) cancelled the week before and another Los Angeles band called @metallica replaced them and made their first visit to San Francisco. The rest is history. Photo by Brian Lew from the pages of Murder In The Front Row.

– Murder In The Front Row (book / book) / (video)


See the Metallica – The Stone / 18 Sep 1982.

Today Is the 31st Anniversary of Metallica’s First Show in the Bay Area


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