Gig live 1971 • Band(s) Cirith Ungol
DateTue 04 May 1971

There is one of the early live shows on Mini Pop Festival @ Larabee Stadium, Mon 21 Feb 1972. But the actually first shows was in 1971 on Cirith Ungol.Β 

…supposed to be our 50th anniversary which would mean we started in 1972, but there’s a few shows that we played in 1971 starting with the show we played at a local church on 05-04–1971!



All of us went to school together at the same time, Anacapa Junior High School in Ventura California, that is also one of the first places we ever played. We asked the school if we could play outside near the parking lot and they said yes, well it was the 1970’s after all. I think this was the second place Titanic played after my dad’s store.


Actually, “Cirith Ungol” started playing around 1971 and one of our first shows as “Cirith Ungol” was at an anti-war protest in May of 1971.

Rob, primitivemansoundz


See their links to early gigs here.


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