Record labels Published N/A

Liquid Flames

Liquid Flames Records / Music / Studios / Productions


Enigma Records

Greenworld Records

Greenworld Records / Distribution


Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records

Noble Rot Records

One Way Records

Old Metal Records

oldmetalrecords Record labels | Cirith Ungol OnlineFounded by King Fowley. The 7″ Cirith Ungol Live EP was released in 1996 and was the first record to be released on this label.

Restless Records

Restless Records

Reborn Classics

Roadrunner Records

Roadrunner Records

Solemnity Music

One Foot In Fire – A Tribute to Cirith Ungol was released on thisย label. This is Sven the Axe’s own label, who also plays in the the band Solemnity, which is also featured on the tribute album.

Svart Records

svartrecords Record labels | Cirith Ungol OnlineSvart Records is an independent Finnish record company and a reissue label. Svart concentrates mostly on releasing vinyl LP versions of albums previously unavailable on vinyl.ย Die Wontcha LP was released on this label.


Young RGE Records

The Heavy Metal Store

The Heavy Metal Store


Iron Grip Management / Records

Iron Grip Records and Management


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